Our Therapy


People seek individual therapy for a variety of situations that can have an impact on how they function at work, school, home, or with peers. In addition to treating symptoms of mental disorders, our clinicians provide care and guidance for people coping with distressing circumstances. 

Many people struggle with depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, academic or work difficulties, feeling lost or overwhelmed, or just plain stuck.  Often, clinical supports prove useful. The path to emotional and psychological wellness is different for everyone. Whether you have had therapy for years, or have never experienced a single session, Reid Psychology Group may offer services that could benefit you and help you reach your therapeutic goals. 

Therapists at Reid Psychology Group use a variety of treatment approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal/relational therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Your clinician will work collaboratively with you to determine an approach that will best achieve the desired outcome and emotional fulfillment.


The word trauma is defined in many ways by many people, and can include experiencing or witnessing accidents, abuse, exposure to war, witnessing frightening events, discrimination, personal betrayal, professional humiliations, medical diagnoses, loss of housing, and death. In all these situations, the thing that makes an event traumatic is the way it changes a person’s outlook on life. We all go through life making basic assumptions about the world, our personal safety, and the stability of relationships. “Trauma” happens when a situation challenges that sense of security and forces us to look at the world in a new way. This can make life seem harder than it ought to be and lead to depression, anxiety, relationship problems, or occupational difficulties.

Our approach to working with individuals who have experienced trauma is centered on the impact of the trauma on the individual. We recognize that people who have lived through traumatic events are survivors and honor the resilience of our clients. To process trauma we collaborate with the client to determine their needs and goals, and progress through a treatment plan to address the impact of the trauma on his or her life. To do this, we listen to the needs of the client and support their process as they make sense of the trauma through therapy. Rather than taking a standardized, one size fits all approach, at Reid Psychology Group we feel the most important thing is to empathize with the client’s understanding of their trauma and help to guide them in developing greater insight into the impact of this event.

We work to help clients make meaningful steps from the aftermath of negative experiences. By developing greater awareness, the client is then able to move forward with their life goals as they come to understand that they are not defined strictly by their trauma, and instead come to celebrate their resiliency.


At Reid Psychology Group, our therapists work with couples who want to be proactive in addressing potential roadblocks in their relationship as well as couples who are considering whether or not they want to move forward together in their future.

Even the most loving, well-intentioned people can encounter difficulties when life gets in the way, as it tends to do. When that happens, it can be incredibly helpful to have an objective third party to help navigate these tumultuous waters. Our couples therapists can help you develop deeper empathy for your loved ones, work through conflict, improve communication, and get back to enjoying life with the people you love most.

Individuals bring to relationships their specific expectations, wants, fears, needs, and experiences. Couples counseling serves as a vehicle for strengthening the partners to better understand themselves and each other. Conflict is a natural part of any relationship, and through the assistance of a trained therapist the couple can learn to communicate more openly, and as a result build a stronger partnership.

In our work with couples, the interpersonal dynamics are explored and the impediments to intimacy and connection are identified and worked through in a safe, honest space. Issues explored may include conflict over money, sexual relationships, spiritual differences, time spent together, parenting, negotiating household responsibilities, and infidelity, among others.

Our couples counseling gives you the tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, problem-solve, and resolve conflict in a healthier way to create the relationship they desire. We provide counseling services to couples struggling with communication problems, life’s transitions, and intimacy concerns. We strive to help couples find greater levels of intimacy, understanding, and balance.

Infertility Counseling

Infertility can be overwhelming and emotionally painful and can feel as though it is taking over your life. This can lead to feelings of sadness and grief. Entering therapy while undergoing these treatments can be a helpful way to work through grief, anxiety, worry, and other emotions that may be experienced as a result of fertility issues. Those experiencing fertility issues may find it helpful to speak to a therapist, particularly one informed in the area of reproductive endocrinology.  

Additionally, relationships are put under tremendous stress when going through infertility. While this stress can, at times, bring couples closer together, it can also pull them apart. The effect infertility can have on your sex life also adds strain to a relationship. Misunderstandings between each other can make things more difficult. Often, couples handle stress in different ways. Stereotypically, women express emotions more freely and need to talk out their thoughts, whereas men often focus on problem solving and may not let themselves feel the grief of infertility. Infertility counselors at Reid Psychology Group work with couples to help improve communication during this difficult time so that they can better understand and support each other.

Reid Psychology Group therapists have worked extensively with individuals and couples dealing with infertility and issues related to pregnancy. We understand the emotional, physical, and financial struggles that are associated with infertility and utilize our knowledge about the field of reproductive endocrinology to help individuals and couples deal with feelings of distress, such as guilt or anger, that might arise. Having a therapist who is familiar with infertility and fertility treatment options can be helpful, particularly if you are trying to sort through your options. You do not have to go through this infertility journey alone and without help. Reid Psychology Group therapists are trained in the area of infertility and are available for any extra support or guidance you need.

Children & Adolescents

Reid Psychology Group provides comprehensive therapeutic services for children, adolescents, and families. Our approach is collaborative, supportive, and compassionate, as well as, evidenced based. 

Whether your child just needs help adjusting to a difficult life situation, or they are struggling with a clinical issue such as depression, our goal is to help families achieve long-lasting positive change. Our specialties include treating a wide range of problems that children and adolescents experience, including mood disorders, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, defiant behaviors, grief and loss, and coping with changes in the family structure such as parental separation or divorce.

Young Adults

Transitioning into young adulthood can be challenging and stressful. It requires a transition from reliance on emotional and financial support from family to a more independent and productive lifestyle. Whether you are transitioning into the work field or managing college life on your own, we are here to support you and provide strategies to make this time easier and successful.

Reid Psychology Group therapists have experience helping students prepare for the emotional, academic, and social challenges that can arise when starting college. We work with those who have high school IEP’s to apply for special education accommodations within their universities. This process can be overwhelming and confusing and we will work hand-in-hand with you to achieve success.