Psychology services are confidential, which means that most information you share with us will be kept private.  Information can be released with your written permission (or parent’s permission for children under 18) to another doctor, teachers, family members, or other people you designate.  There are a few situations in which therapists are required by law to break confidentiality in order to protect people.  If a therapist learns that someone is planning to seriously injure himself/herself or someone else, or gains information about possible child or elder abuse that is currently happening, the therapist has to tell authorities to keep people safe.  Only information about these risky situations needs to be disclosed, and we will not share unnecessary information with outside parties.  If you are discussing something that might require a therapist to talk to other authorities (i.e. hospital or safety services), then the therapist will discuss this with you.  Therapists will go over the parameters of confidentiality in the first session, and this information will also be provided in written format.